Quality Street tubs shrink by 50g as Nestlé looks to cut costs


Quality street tubs are shrinking by 50g for the first time in three years as the FMCG giant Nestlé looks to cut soaring production costs.

According to data from Assosia, the 650g tubs that were on sale last Christmas have been replaced by 600g tubs.

This is the first time Nestle has shrunk the size of its Quality Street tubs since 2019.

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As reported by The Daily Mail, they were downsized from 780g to 750g in 2017 – and then down to 720g in 2018.

Nestle shrunk them again in 2019 to the 650g tub size.

At the time of writing, they were listed in Tesco for £4 – the same price carried by its larger 650g tubs in the retailer last year.

At 600g, the current tubs are 23% smaller than those sold in 2016 – equating to around 20 fewer sweets per tub.

The news comes as Tesco cuts 50g from the weight of its entire range of own-label ready meals.

It comes as part of a running trend of brands and retailers shrinking their products, so-called ‘shrinkflation’, to mitigate rising production costs or market competition.

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