Tesco slashes own-label value tier by 100 lines over 3 years

Tesco has been quietly cutting the size of its own-label range amid the cost-of-living crisis.

According to The Grocer, the number of products went down from 422 in 2019 to 339 last year.

As of 4 August, the lineup includes just 316 products, exclusive Assosia data has revealed. The retail research company tracked own label lines on the Big 4 grocer’s website, breaking them down into premium, standard and value tiers.

As a result, the supermarkets value tier, ‘Exclusively at Tesco’, had shrunk every year since 2019.

Standard own label lines also decreased year-on-year, by just over 200 to 5,292. However, the supermarket’s premium tier has grown slightly over the past year, by 10 lines to 831.

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The grocer added that own-label ranges only made up part of its value offering, which also includes many branded products, both in its Aldi Price Match and Low Everyday Prices campaigns. It also pointed to its Clubcard Price scheme, offering lower prices for loyalty card holders.

Taking in all the products that make up Exclusively at Tesco, Aldi Price Match and Low Everyday Prices, Tesco revealed the total came to 2,500 products, compared to 400 in 2019.

Tesco Clubcard Prices were launched in May 2019, with the Aldi Price Match campaign launching a year later in March 2020.

“Exclusively at Tesco is just one way we’re helping customers with the cost of their weekly shop, and alongside Aldi Price Match and Low Everyday Prices, we have more than 2,500 products in our value ranges,” said a Tesco spokesman told The Grocer.

We’ve significantly increased the number of value lines we offer. Whether it’s price matching hundreds of basics to Aldi prices, promising Low Everyday Prices on branded favourites, or offering exclusive deals and rewards through thousands of Clubcard Prices, we’re more committed than ever to providing our customers with great value.”



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