Tesco shoppers furious over checkout changes

Tesco shoppers have slammed the Big 4 grocer for its plans to remove the number of staffed checkouts available in some of its sites.

Instead, the UK’s biggest supermarket wants to replace these with more self-checkouts, despite many customers saying they will not be using them.

According to Tesco, a lack of customer demand” for traditional manned checkouts is allowing it to begin reducing the numbers available in-store.

Commenting on the move, Grocery Insight CEO Steve Dresser said it could also save on staff costs.

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He said: “[Supermarkets] are moving to dedicated checkouts rather than empty manned checkouts, which naturally are linked to the hours given to the front end.”

“Of course, there are savings to be made losing the manned checkouts, but the reality is, you rarely see checkouts open these days en masse anyway, so it’s underutilised space.

“It’s not always positive for customers, however, as some may feel forced into self-service options.”

However, many shoppers are unimpressed by the decision, taking to social media to claim they will boycott the grocer.

One social media user said: “Chef at work today was telling me he was moaning at the checkout at Tesco about all the self-checkouts now. Staff are actively asking customers to boycott them. If enough people don’t use them they will be ripped out and manned tills will replace them.”

Another added: “For some people having a chat to the people on the till is the only interaction they may have with a person that day. We as sociable beings.”

“You have one person on a checkout and 2/3 staff stood around pointing to self service, which don’t work half the time I’m stood there like a prat waiting for staff who see me but are stood there,” another customer said.

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