Lidl moves office staff to flexible working model

Lidl is giving office staff the option to work from home permanently through a flexible working model, allowing them to work remotely full-time.

“We have moved to a fully flexible model of mobile working for appropriate head office and regional roles, empowering our teams to choose how and where they work best,” Lidl GB announced on its LinkedIn profile.

“We feel it is important that, where possible, we offer our colleagues as much flexibility as possible and trust our teams to determine the right environments that work most effectively for them.”

This means that where appropriate head office and regional staff can choose to work from home as often as they like, except when specific circumstances require them to attend an office.

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Lidl has recently opened a brand-new head office in Tolworth, southwest London, part of a £500m investment in the capital over five years.

The discounter began welcoming 800 staff to the 250,000sq ft ‘Lidl House’ in January, a relocation from its former head office in Wimbledon.

Several other supermarkets have so-called ‘hybrid’ working policies, though there is variation in the degree of flexibility afforded.

Sainsbury’s has been allowing staff to split their time between home and the office since September, while the Co-op has a published policy offering a mix of working remotely and in the office.

Tesco has moved to hybrid model whereby teams are in the office together for two days each week with the option of working remotely on other days.

Aldi is also believed to offer levels of hybrid working for staff based in its headquarters and regional offices, depending on roles.

This news comes as Lidl accuses Tesco of copying its logo in a £2.35million high court dispute.

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