Millennials waste more food than any other generation, survey reveals

Millennials have the “worst” food habits, a recent survey by retailer Currys has found.

According to a recent survey of 2,026 people across the UK, 25% of millennials are throwing their leftover food in the bin, resulting in seven million tonnes of edible food being binned each year.

Gen Z aren’t far behind at 20% and Baby Boomers are the generation most likely to save their leftovers, with 18% choosing to bin uneaten food.

According to the survey, food waste tendencies also differ depending on an individual’s annual income.

It revealed that those earning more tend to waste less food with 77% of households earning between £65k-£75k storing food to eat later. However overall, as a nation, 66% of Brits will store leftover food to consume at a later stage.

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It appears that food storage can also cause a debate among households, particularly with bread, as 26% of people can’t decide whether it belongs in the cupboard or the fridge.

Ketchup, potatoes and mayonnaise are also contenders in the debate, with 63% storing their mayo in the cupboard and eggs divide the nation, with 50% keeping them in the fridge.

Whilst 42% of Brits do adhere to the manufacturer’s guidance and check the use-by date on food products, almost a quarter of those taking part in the survey admitted to keeping their ketchup for six months despite Heinz Tomato Ketchup stating to eat within eight weeks.

Although 77% of people will sniff their food to decide whether its acceptable to consume, 31% admitted to tasting produce that is one or two days past its expiry date.

Habits for consuming leftovers appear to be the most agreed upon with 73% opting to heat their food using a microwave and just 5% of people happy to eat straight from their fridge.

This data is revealed as consumer awareness around food waste has more than doubled in the past two years as rising food prices, supply chain challenges, and sustainability concerns start to impact customer behaviour.

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