Co-op rolls out bodycams to ensure colleague and customer safety

Central England Co-op is rolling out colleague body cameras to a further 38 stores in the UK.

After an initial roll out proved successful, the retailer is trying to combat crime and keep colleagues and customers safe.

The symbol group retailer, which has over 260 stores across 16 counties, launched the body cams in over 50 of its stores last year after an initial trial in two Birmingham stores.

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This news comes after tougher penalties came into law for those who attack shop workers following a campaign by retailers, including Central England Co-op.

Under the new legislation, abuse against individuals who serve the public has become an aggravated offence.

Loss prevention advisor Nicola Walton said: “Our body camera roll out last year to over 50 of our stores was a great success.

“It allowed our colleagues to feel safer while serving their communities and played its part as another deterrent to prevent crimes before they take place.

“Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in a range of measures to keep our colleagues and customers safe, ranging from centrally monitored CCTV systems that can be activated at the touch of a button, to increased numbers of security guards.

“Today’s news is just another way we can continue to invest in keeping people safe at work and while they shop.”

Store manager Nigel Smith, whose store was included in the initial roll out of the technology, added: “Having the body cams in our store has proved beneficial – they’ve given colleagues that extra reassurance and they have all taken to using them well.

“If people come into the store with intent to cause trouble, if they see that we have a camera on, it does make them think twice.”

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  • use of bodycam is a breach of the Data Protection Act 2018 and Article 8 of the Human Rights Charter…you are treating normal people like criminals just for the few morons….

    it is using staff as mobile drones so instead of paying for security staff the drones are supposed to nudge people into behaviour….thing is the sort of people likely to do bad behaviour will not give a damn and will wear hoodies anyway.

    its control freakery and is being challenged by Big Brother Watch

    Tony Porter, the government’s surveillance camera commissioner, urged authorities to follow his code of practice, which insists that surveillance cameras should only be used if there is pressing public need….so where are the figures…not statistics but actual numbers of assaults on staff.

  • I agree . They now data handlers . Yes put up signs at tills stating using body cams .but if can’t read or dyslexic .no good . Plus they obliged to send you that recording ?


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