Almost 90% of shoppers to buy HFSS despite promotion ban

Around 89% of shoppers claim they would still buy sweets even if HFSS regulation banned volume price promotions.

According to research by innovation intelligence platform Vyper, most consumers believe less high fats, salt and sugar is a good idea with 71% supporting reducing said products in supermarkets.

“With increasing public concern over this issue and long-term brand reputation at stake, the onus is now on brands and suppliers to push things forward and not lose momentum – we shouldn’t have to rely on government legislation to drive this change. It’s a great opportunity to bring about the next phase of food and drink innovation,” Vyper founder Ben Davies said.

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The survey which sampled 5,000 respondents showed affordability was a bigger barrier than taste when it came to making healthy food and drink choices.

Around 44% cited price and that healthy products were less affordable compared to only 17% that said that they don’t taste as good.

Vypr’s research also revealed 71% of consumers were supportive of the Sugar Levy being extended to other sugary foods, showing that consumers find this issue important, and that companies need to adapt to their views.

On top of this, nearly three quarters (73%) say they check nutrition labels when purchasing food products despite popularity of HFSS products.

Davies added: “Changing legislation is bringing with it an enormous amount of opportunity for success for retailers and suppliers. There are so many different variables when you’re looking at raw materials and ingredients. Sugar is 2,000 years old, so why are we still making products out of sugar?”

“There’s lots of interesting ways of getting sweetness and texture into products. Reframing innovation in a scientific way is the only way the industry and public health are both going to win long term.”

“As confusing as recent policy decisions may appear, a clear picture is emerging – innovation will be the driving force of success amidst a constantly shifting environment.”

The news comes as HFSS regulations are due to be implemented between October 2022 and January 2024, with governmental delays due to the cost of living crisis’ affect on volume price promotions.

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