Morrisons sells food parcels for shoppers to donate

Morrisons has launched pre-packed food parcels that customers can purchase to later donate at food banks.

The Big 4 grocer’s move hopes to strategically cater to the needs of foodbanks, as they often have disproportionate amounts of rice and pasta compared to other products.

Instead a £1 to £3 “Pick up Pack’s” contents can be requested by local food banks to include essential food items tailored to their local needs.

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The packs were brainstormed by Morrisons colleague Michelle Leary in Basingstoke, who pointed out that customers often struggled with selecting food to donate.

As a result, the pre-packed bags ensure customers don’t need to spend time browsing shelves to items to donate.

The nationwide scheme now allows customers to easily pick up a pack at the beginning of their shop, which is set aside after they’ve paid at the till for volunteers to deliver to a local food bank.

“The UK’s food banks are a lifeline for the most vulnerable in our communities and these parcels are an easy way to donate to them. At Morrisons, we want to play our full part in feeding the nation and ensure nobody gets left behind,” Morrisons community director Rebecca Singleton.

“The ‘Pick Up Pack’ initiative is part of Morrisons drive to restock Britain’s food banks and continue feeding the nation, particularly those who are vulnerable and struggling with the economic fallout of COVID-19.”

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  • Anthony smith
    May 24, 2022 10:12 am

    This is a fantastic idea & I’m surprised that it hasn’t been picked up & suggested by the bosses already. If people are going round doing home deliveries then for them to put the items to 1 side to put in a prepared box is easier than a customer going round trying to select what to put in it.

  • Ok so they make full profit on donated sales? Why not offer discounted prices on purchases for food banks and pass that profit on in a greater uptake. A discount scheme exists for staff so the mechanics will be there.


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