Sainsbury’s increases home delivery costs by more than 30%

Sainsbury’s has increased the price for some of its home shopping deliveries including the cost of its annual midweek delivery pass and its anytime delivery pass by more than 30%.

The cost of the midweek delivery pass, which enables shoppers to have groceries delivered from Tuesday to Thursday has seen a £10 rise from £30 to £40.

Additionally, the price of the Big 4 grocer’s anytime delivery pass, which allows one grocery delivery per day, has risen from £60 to £80.

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Sainsbury’s has also increased the cost of its six-month anytime delivery pass, from £35 to £40.

The supermarket has also ditched three-month delivery passes and have replaced them with monthly passes that cost £7.50 for the anytime delivery pass and £4 for the midweek delivery pass.

However, the move from three-month to one-month passes has allowed a price hike in delivery costs, with the original three-month “anytime option” costing £20, and the “midweek” priced at £10.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said, “Last year we updated our online groceries services so that we can offer simpler, more flexible ways to shop with us, while still offering great value.”

The news comes as the food CPI has increased by 5.9%, reaching the highest figure since December 2011.

With the cost of living crisis squeezing household budgets, more shoppers have switched from Big 4 grocers to discounters allowing Aldi to become the fastest-growing retailer over the 12 weeks to 17 April.

On top of this, over a third of consumers are worried about food prices (36%) and one-fifth of consumers are buying fewer food items (22%).

The delivery price hike also follows Sainsbury’s announcement that profits have more than doubled to £730 million, with retail sales (excluding fuel) up 2.9% to £29.9 billion.

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  • so it’s £20 extra for the same service with less options of things to buy. how is that “still offering great value.”?

    it’s still cheaper at £80 than not having a del pass. you get the xmas slots and for me cheaper than going to the store which is miles away. so less car which is good.


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