Value for money still tops sustainability for consumer concerns, Earth Day research suggests

Ahead of World Earth day, research has revealed that despite environmental concerns being widely acknowledged by shoppers, the cost of living crisis continues to have a growing impact on decisions made when purchasing goods in supermarkets.

According to research from Levercliff, 41% said rising prices are their top concern in comparison to climate change being a top concern for just 8% of respondents.

However, almost 50% of consumers chose sustainable packaging in food and drink as a top priority, with a key focus on making all packaging recyclable.

Additionally, limiting food waste was high on the agenda with 45% of respondents buying only what they need to cut down on leftover food.

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The move towards plastic-free continues to be a key trend, with 39% of people buying loose fruit and vegetables where they can.

“Brands can’t underestimate the impact of the current economic climate on consumers.” Levercliff managing director Fintan O’Leary said.

“Over the relatively short period from October 2021 to March 2022, our data clearly shows shoppers are increasingly feeling pressure to make their money go further, and this is being reflected in buying habits across food and drink, with less of a focus on sustainability, and an increased focus on cost.”

“Taking inspiration from this year’s World Earth Day theme of ‘invest in our plant’, we see a real gap in the market for solutions which both look after our planet and support consumers in their wallets.

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