Bother launches its first TV advertising campaign

Online shopping service Bother has announced its first TV advertising campaign, following the company’s growth ‘doubling every 45 days’.

Its new campaign will run for six weeks, from 21 April 2022, to a London audience on Channel 4 and All 4 and will be supported by the out-of-home presence on the London Underground network, direct mail, and digital social media.

So far, Bother has raised £9.1 million ($12 million) to date with Hoxton Ventures – the investment firm that backed Deliveroo early on – leading the last round. The move into TV advertising is another signal of the brand’s growth ambitions.

The company launched just under two years ago and has become one of the fastest-growing start-ups, with only a 10th of the capital of Q Commerce players.

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”Our new creative approach highlights the fact that Bother is not a shop, it’s a convenient service that ultimately helps take a ‘load off your’ mind by helping you keep on top of all the household essentials like pasta, loo roll, laundry powder and toiletries,” Bother founder and chief executive Douglas Morton said.

“Bother’s service is about learning what you want and need and helping make sure you never run out.”

Morton added: “We’ve been conditioned to think that fresh food and cleaning products should be sold alongside each other, but there’s no real reason why this needs to be the case.”

“Our vision is to simplify peoples’ lives, so they can focus on the things that matter – instead of being consumed and controlled by mundane shopping for boring basics.”

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