Chicken-flavoured Tango and Walkers bread crisps: The best and worst of April Fools of 2022

April Fools Day has always been a great opportunity for companies to show the lighter side of their personality, an opportunity which many food and drink brands find hard to resist.

Here’s our round-up of the best – or the worst, depending on your opinion – of 2022.

Kentucky Fried Tango

tango chicken

Soft drink company Tango revealed its latest delicious flavour: fried chicken.

Inspired by some of Brit’s most loved takeaway foods, Tango combined its traditional orange flavour with three British takeaway staples, including carbonated chicken, for that ‘fresh out the fryer’ crispy crunchy flavour.

Ray Patterson, brand director at Tango commented: “We’ve seen a huge amount of our customers enjoy a cheeky Tango with their takeaway, and a survey we conducted shows 58% of 18-34 year olds regularly pair food with soft drinks to enhance flavour.

“So, we thought why not offer it all in one can, and marry together our classic Tango taste, with three firm takeaway favourites. We hope Tango fans will enjoy all their fast food favourites in delicious Tango-y liquid form.”

Bread-shaped Walkers crisps

walkers bread

Walkers giant bread-sized crisp is designed for sandwiches.

Crisp sandwich lovers rejoice! A giant bread sized crisp that has been especially designed for use in sandwiches has been launched by Walkers.

The gigantic ‘Bread Shaped Crisp’, which measures an epic 11cm in height, is a totally flat, bread-shaped crisp. The new product comes after research by Walkers revealed that nearly all (98%) of the nation agreed that crisps make sandwiches better.

The perfectly-sized sandwich companion has been launched to solve a big problem that crisp sandwich fans have been struggling with for years – crisps crumbling up and falling out the sides of their sandwiches and uneven bread coverage.

Now, lovers of the lunchtime crisp sandwich can enjoy the delicious crunch of Walkers crisps without having to worry.

Pre-hated Marmite shop

marmite pre-hated

Jars listed on Marmite’s Pre-Hated eBay store express the loathing from previous owners

Today, the nation’s most loved (and hated) savoury spread, Marmite, opened a Pre-Hated Marmite store, selling used jars of the sticky stuff for as little as £1.

As the shoppers shift gears and try out the second-hand – or pre-loved – market, Marmite saw an opportunity to give their pre-hated jars a new, loving home.

From today, the Pre-Hated Marmite eBay store will offer Marmite lovers a chance to spoon a Mar-mighty bargain by purchasing a jar from someone who has already hated it. That’s right, each and every jar has already been opened, tried and discarded in disgust.

Product listings include “How does anybody eat this?!” with shocking descriptions such as “Only one spread’s worth missing. Slight tear to the front label (see pics).”

Vita Coco pawater

vita coco

Vita Coco’s new pawter launch for canine companions.

Vita Coco, the UK’s #1 coconut water brand has joined paw-ces with fellow B Corp and pet gut health gurus Scrumbles, to create a brand-new doggy drink, Coconut Pawater.

Coconut Pawater will be the world’s first coconut water made exclusively for dogs and will be available to purchase at

The partnership comes following months of furry friends taste-testing the drink to paw-fect the recipe and is ideal for health-conscious pups wanting to top up those electrolytes post-walkies.

Sounds paw-some to us!

Waitrose stainless beetroot

waitrose beetrootWaitrose has solved one of the nation’s most frustrating kitchen nightmares by introducing the first stainless variety of beetroot.

The new stainless beetroot from Waitrose enables customers to enjoy all the benefits of this British ingredient, without the danger of staining clothes, hands, plates and worktops.

Beatrice Root, Waitrose Head of Stain Prevention, says: “The humble beetroot has long had its reputation tainted due to the fact it stains with its deep purple juice. This has been years in the making as we have been working with growers to produce a new stain-free variety to help this fantastic ingredient get the recognition it deserves.”

iceland hash brown fries

Iceland’s product development is ahead of the game.

Iceland Hash Brown Fries

Iceland has launched the world’s first CBD Hash Brown Fries to reflect the ever-changing attitude towards the use of CBD and the benefits it can have to alleviate stress.

“The past couple of years have been demanding to say the least, so at Iceland, we’ve been thinking of what we can do to make sure our customers start the day as stress-free as possible,” it said. “Our hash brown range has some of our most popular products, so we thought, how can we take them to a higher level?”




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