Morrisons increases pig farmer payments sixfold

Morrisons has become the first UK retailer to increase its weekly contribution to pig producers, raising the amount sixfold, from 30p to 180p per kg.

The Big 4 supermarket’s move comes as the National Pig Association (NPA) urges retailers to increase prices to £2 per pig so farmers could break even.

With soaring wheat prices due to the conflict in Ukraine pushing the cost of feed up, most UK pig producers have faced rising costs, taking them over the £2 threshold.

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“We appreciate their comment about moving closer to paying the cost of production but this must happen as soon as possible,” NPA chief executive Zoe Davies said.

“That said, Morrisons are the first retailer to make such a move since we wrote to all of them just over a week ago, and we expect others to follow suit.”

Davies added: “This is crucial if they wish to secure British pork going forwards as pig farmers are taking decisions on their future in the sector right now, having made losses for the 5th consecutive quarter.”

Earlier this year, the pig sector experienced a backlog resulting in 35,000 healthy pigs being culled due to staff shortages from winter holidays, Covid-19 and post-Brexit visa schemes.

Last month, Waitrose became the “only retailer” to offer an emergency financial package to pig producers, ensuring a “fair and sustainable, minimum price for pork” regardless of falling prices.

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  • What we now need is:- A) for the rest of the big 4 to follow suit.
    B) to strongly promote this quality British meat both in the media and instore.


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