Kellogg’s launches hot cross bun flavour cereal


Kellogg’s has unveiled a new cereal flavour in time for Easter.

The limited edition Hot Cross Bun flavoured cereal is high in fibre, low in salt and low in saturated fat, the FMCG giant revealed.

The new range will be available from Big 4 grocers Asda and Sainsbury’s, retailing for £1.80.

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“In order to get the perfect flavour, we sampled a number of hot cross buns to help us understand what made certain ones so good. We then took our hot cross bun expertise and applied it to our cereal,” Kellogg’s food designer Kirsty Smith said.

“The filling in the crunchy casing all comes together to deliver that famous Easter taste.’’

It took Kellogg’s food developers two months to create the cereal’s hot cross bun flavoured filling at the business’ Manchester-based factory, testing different spice blends until they found the perfect hot cross bun taste.

The new range follows the introduction of Kellogg’s Apricot, Plain, and Blueberry flavoured Wheats last year.

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