Moving Mountains launches campaign for new plant-based product

Plant-based meat alternative company Moving Mountains has launched its “Mix Up Your Meatballs” campaign for March, inspiring consumers to switch to its plant-based meatballs.

The company highlighted the growth in the plant-based sector, stating over a quarter of British households now regularly prepare one plant-based meal every week, with the meat-free category currently valued at over £600 million in the UK and is expected to grow to nearly £1 billion by 2026.

The meat alternative brand claimed that its frozen vegan meatballs produce less greenhouse gas emissions and require fewer resources to make compared to beef meatballs of the same weight.

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Moving Mountains will post pictures and recipe ideas on its website and social media accounts throughout March in a bid to inspire consumers to try its new product.

“We know that the UK loves meatballs in a variety of dishes, so we want to shine a spotlight on how consumers can mix it up really easily.

“As with all our products, our Meatballs look, smell, and taste just like the real thing and go really well in a range of recipes, perfect for this time of year when it’s still so cold.

“The impact switching to plant-based can have on not only the environment, but also people’s health is huge, and we’re passionate about helping people to make this change, without feeling like they are sacrificing on taste or quality.”

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