Asda’s George launches female empowerment campaign

George at Asda’s “Anything but Basic” lingerie campaign has featured a host of “empowering influencers” to celebrate female confidence in their basics.

The campaign includes influencers striking “Empower Poses” in George’s lingerie basics and has received praise from hundreds of followers for “being inclusive” and showing “real models”.

By practising “Empower Poses” the supermarket’s clothing brand hopes to provide an “empowering kick-start to the day”.

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Body language expert Adrianne Carter said the poses were intended to “embrace femininity” and remind shoppers to be “fearless” and “powerful”.

Influencers such as TV personality Ashley James, plus-size model Olivia Campbell, fashion influencer Naima WaZuki, blogger Jess Jones, activist Kelly Knox and model Clara Holmes – all contributed to the campaign on social media.

“I saw a TED Talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy about how standing or sitting in a certain way for a few minutes can give you a major uplift. I feel like sometimes we all need that boost and that thing that switches up our entire mindset,” Ashley James said.

Ashley added: “The Flamingo is a confident, brave, and hopeful stance that shows you are unafraid to be totally seen.”

Carter has designed three poses: the Flamingo, the Peacock and the Eagle – all of which promise to instil “female pride, self-acceptance and superhero status”.

Carter added: “Body language is the unspoken way in which a person communicates and sends a message to others, and on occasions, it’s useful to convey messages, not only to others, but to ourselves,”

 “Adopting one of George at Asda’s empower poses will help you to manifest the feelings you’d like to possess, rather than the ones you may currently have.”

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