Morrisons becomes first UK grocer to switch own-brand fresh milk to cartons

Morrisons has become the first UK supermarket to sell its own brand fresh milk in carbon neutral cartons, in a bid to reduce plastic and carbon emissions.

From this month, nine types of Morrisons fresh milk will be sold in Tetra Pak cartons to save an initial 100 tonnes of plastic a year.

The Big 4 grocer has also announced the move the majority of its own label fresh juice, from plastic bottles to cartons, to remove another 678 tonnes of plastic per year.

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The decision comes as it has been revealed that fresh milk is one of the single biggest users of plastic packaging within UK supermarkets, accounting for approximately 10 per cent of all plastic used.

As a result, the Morrisons fresh milk Tetra Pak cartons are made from plant-based paperboard which is FSC® certified and have also been certified by the Carbon Trust as Carbon Neutral.

The nine Morrisons fresh milk products in Tetra Pak cartons come in 500ml, one litre and two litre sizes and cover skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk options. They are priced at 60p for 500ml, 95p for one litre and £1.25 for two litres.

Around 14 Morrisons 19 fresh juice products have also moved over to cartons.

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