Fairtrade Foundation sales continue to thrive

The Fairtrade Foundation announced its sales increased by 14% in 2020 crediting consumer demand for ethically sourced products.

Announced at Fairtrade fortnight, a promotional campaign to increase awareness of Fairtrade products, Fairtrade wine saw significant growth in 2021 and long-term established Fairtrade products, cocoa and bananas, saw a 3% growth.

The Foundation revealed the latest Globescan data found 65% of customers now choose Fairtrade.

Producers have benefited from the introduction of a “living income reference price” for coffee farmers in Columbia as well as a base wage for the banana business in 2021, which meant increases of up to 15% for banana workers.

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Major brands and retailers were said to continue backing the Fairtrade movement despite the impact of Brexit and ongoing pandemic-related challenges.

“After the disappointment of COP26, shoppers are increasingly looking to businesses to act on their ethical and social concerns,” Fairtrade Foundation head of responsible business Anna Barker said.

“The pandemic combined with the increasing effect of climate change put pressure on low-income farmers around the world, and many fear being further marginalised by the economic downturn in months to come.

“Shoppers are turning up the heat to avoid businesses that fail to act on ethical or social concerns.

“They are looking for opportunities to positively influence change for the good of our climate in as many ways as possible. Companies must support consumers in making ethical purchasing decisions.”

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