Asda employees to be balloted on pay offer


Thousands of Asda employees working as drivers and distribution centre workers are set to be balloted on the Big 4 grocer’s latest pay offer.

According to The Grocer, trade union GMB will hold a ballot beginning from 31 January to 14 February 2022.

The cause of this ballot will be for Asda drivers and distribution centre workers to decide whether or not to accept the latest wage increase offer, which was made at the end of last week.

Additional negotiations were held following 94% of drivers and distribution centre employees refusing to accept the initial pay offer from the Big 4 grocer, which claimed it was a “meaningful rise”.

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However, GMB claims Asda owners, the Issa brothers, have failed to credit soaring inflation and the importance of the key workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result, Asda sources claim the union made “unreasonable” demands with it hoping to secure “eye-watering” pay rises of over 20%.

An Asda spokesman told The Grocer: “We recognise the vital role our logistics colleagues have played throughout the pandemic to keep our stores well-stocked and support the business ‒ and have made a fair, competitive and sustainable pay offer which recognises rising inflation.

“We are hopeful they will vote in favour of this offer in the forthcoming ballot.”



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  • I’m a home shopping driver and struggling now very worried we need a good pay rise to £11.50 /£12 a hour something we can be proud off

  • William Haycock
    February 8, 2022 4:02 pm

    I’m also a home shopping driver and we’ve just been told we getting 3.25% rise,I think it’s disgusting,I’m furious about it,3rd biggest supermarket and they pay the lowest wages of them all,Ive had enough of them

    • I think it’s discusting as an asda driver to get less then £10 pH when the other supermarket drivers get paid over £10. It makes us feel worthless. No wonder drivers don’t stay. I find this a kick in the teeth considering we worked all through the pandemic.

  • I’m a home shop delivery driver, Tesco paying their home shipping drivers near me in small town £10-70+ an hour and have been for few months, sainsburys putting theirs up to 11-50 so why are we lagging so far behind m, no wonder such a high turn over of drivers


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