UK secures fishing deal with Norway for 2022

The UK has reached an agreement with Norway which permits some access to each other’s waters in 2022.

This will enable the UK industry to fish up to 30,000 tonnes of its various whitefish stocks in Norwegian waters.

The UK government announced Norway will allocate the UK 6,550 tonnes of cod around the Svalbard region, giving the UK access to over 7,000 tonnes of cod in the Arctic worth around £16 million, 1,500 tonnes more than in 2021.

“I am pleased to announce that we have concluded bilateral negotiations between the UK and Norway,” fisheries minister Victoria Prentis said

“Securing an agreement on fishing arrangements for 2022 including the establishment of a mutual North Sea waters access zone.

“This will provide fishing opportunities for the UK fleet and it ensures a strong balance that will benefit both our fishing industry and the protection of our marine environment.”

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The news comes after both parties’ commitment to manage fisheries sustainably and support the long-term viability of stocks in the North Sea.

Additionally, the two delegations have ensured relevant information and data is exchanged to promote effective fisheries management, control and enforcement efforts in the North Sea.

Prentis added: “Norway is an extremely close partner of the UK, and we deeply value our relationship with them.

“We have a longstanding history of cooperation and collaboration and I look forward to building on this partnership in the years to come.”

The news comes after the announcement earlier this month that the two countries and the European Union reached an agreement on next year’s catch limits for its six jointly managed fish stocks in the North Sea.

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