McColl’s expands Morrisons Daily format to 450 stores

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McColl’s has announced it is expanding its Morrisons partnership, with the roll out of a further 100 Morrison Daily convenience store’s branding to its stores.

The retailer had previously announced plans to convert 350 of its shops into the Morrisons Daily format, but will now increase that number to 450 under a new agreement with the Big 4 grocer.

Despite McColl’s increasing the number of Morrisons convenience stores, it still expects to finish the conversions by the end of November 2022, the same timeframe it had planned out for its previous target of 350 stores.

According to the convenience retailer, Morrisons will provide an increased level of support due to the expanded number of stores, and will offer a wider range of products compared to McColl’s stores.

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“Within 12 months we will have 450 stores open and trading as Morrisons Daily, representing over a third of our total community store estate and over half of our sales,” McColl’s chief executive officer Jonathan Miller said.

“These stores have a higher grocery mix and wider breadth of product choice which is great for our customers, and with strong sales growth and better return on investment, it is great for the company too. We look forward to continuing working closely with Morrisons in the years ahead.”

The news comes as McColl’s estimated it could convert six stores per week into the Morrisons Daily format.

McColl’s also added that it was on track to complete 100 by the end of this month.

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