Co-op raises £100m for local communities

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The Co-op has raised £100 million for local communities across the UK over the last five years. 

The convenience retailer also announced that over one million Co-op members have signed up to support a cause in the most recent round of its Local Community Fund. 

According to the symbol group, a review of 3000 local causes across the country identified the most prevalent challenges in their local communities.  

It reported that mental wellbeing accounted for 89 per cent of causes, youth education for 66 per cent and rising food insecurity at 46 per cent of causes. 

The convenience franchise has supported approximately 25,000 local charities and projects during the last five years and supports its Local Community Fund and Community Partnerships Fund by donating 2p of each branded Co-op product equally between the initiatives.  

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It is currently in partnership with community fridge scheme Hubbub, and has funded 100 new fridges throughout the country, providing 6.8 million meals each year. 

In addition, it has provided 7000 Co-op academy students with the equivalent of 1.2 million meals in Co-op vouchers.  

“Our insight has told us that support for mental wellbeing, access to food and education and employment for young people are key for helping communities as they get back on their feet,” Co-op director of community and shared value Rebecca Birkbeck said. 

“Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen more Co-op members than ever play an active role in supporting their community by selecting a cause, [and] we’re delighted to see the amount Co-op members have raised over the past five years.” 

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