Nisa Cumbria joins Gander to prevent food waste

Nisa has partnered with food waste app Gander, in a bid to promote sustainability in the local community. 

The convenience retailer’s Barrow-in-Furness Oxford Street revealed the outlet can list reduced to clear products on the app, which will notify customers of the offers. 

Customers will be able to visit the store to buy the discounted products, which will consequently cut down on food waste while saving money on food purchases for consumers in the area. 

The symbol group confirmed that the app updates in real time and removes a product from its selection once it is sold.  

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“We have a really big fresh range in the store which means there is a risk of high levels of waste,” store owner Karen Stephenson said. 

“The Gander app works really well at a local level. 

“When reductions are made in store, customers are alerted and can then pop in to get their bargain. 

“As well highlighting savings to our local community it also helps to reduce waste and the amount of food going to landfills. 

“The store and our customers are able to play a small part n sustainability and tackling the global issue of climate change.” 

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