Firms not taking measures to manage sustainable transition to net zero, research reveals

Nine out of 10 firms have not done any assessment on measures for managing a sustainable transition to net zero, new research has suggested.

A survey of 1000 firms found that two-thirds believed capital grants or tax allowances would do most to encourage them to reduce their carbon consumption.

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said its study indicated most businesses were either unaware of or were not taking steps to get involved in key net zero strategies covering issues such as the impact of changes to food supply chains.

Only one in 20 firms with less than 10 employees said they had carried out an assessment on potential net zero changes to food supply chains, compared with 10 per cent of firms with more than 50 staff, said the BCC.

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“Everyone is aware that the target of reaching net zero by 2050 is extremely challenging and of historic importance, but there is a real danger that smaller businesses will get left behind unless politicians and business leaders come together to galvanise action,” BCC director general Shevaun Haviland said.

“Larger firms need to help smaller businesses within their supply chains to adapt and adjust.”

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