Morrisons apologises over ‘non-EU salt and pepper’ chicken label


Morrisons has apologised after labelling a chicken product as containing “non-EU salt and pepper”.

Shoppers complained on social media over the packaging for the salt-and-pepper chicken crown, which also features the Union flag and highlights that it is made from “British chicken”.

The company immediately backtracked over the “error”, describing it as a mistake during the labelling process.

Morrisons tweeted that “the wording on the packaging is an error for which we apologise”, and told customers it was changing the packaging immediately.

A spokeswoman for the Big 4 grocer said: “Our chicken label is adhering to British packaging regulations, however, we will be redesigning it to make it clear this is not a political commentary.”

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It came after a raft of tweets from customers who accused the company of “anti-EU bias” and threatened to stop shopping at Morrisons.

One Twitter user, David Bright, said: “I’m done with shopping @Morrisons … I can live with Union flags on bananas, but the gratuitous slight on the EU is too much.”

Another, Robin Wilton, tweeted to describe the packaging as “small-minded” and “populist-pandering bigotry that’s just cost you a customer”.

According to government guidance, meat packaging where full country information is not available must use the term “non-EU” to describe its origin.

From October next year, this will be replaced by “non-UK” after post-Brexit rule changes.

The furore comes a week after Morrisons moved into private hands, following its £7 billion takeover by US private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R).

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  • It’s just a line on a piece of packaging for goodness sake.
    As for the reference to ‘bigotry’. Look in the mirror why don’t you….
    How little it takes for the ‘Wokies’ to launch themselves out of the woodwork.
    Just get a life, please!


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