Young’s threatens action over NE Atlantic fish stocks

Young’s Seafood has threatened to take action over the ongoing disputes between supply chains and the Northeast Atlantic pelagic fisheries complex.   

The company reports that it will inevitably stop purchasing from the fisheries if an agreement for sustainable herring, mackerel and blue whiting stocks cannot be reached.  

The processor issued a statement through the North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy (NAPA) group, in which it said that continuing disputes between coastal states in the region are placing the typically sustainable fish stocks at risk.  

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According to Young’s, the current situation has seen a “unilateral setting of quotas” which is “an unacceptable threat to shared-stock fisheries.” 

The company is demanding that the coastal states involved in the dispute support an agreement in line with advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES), which will determine total allowable catches to maintain sustainable fishing.  

It added that if an agreement is not secured, it will review its sourcing decision and “take action” that it deems to be appropriate at the time. 

Young’s told Grocery Gazette: “We are fully committed to playing a role in finding a solution to the management challenges of North-East Atlantic pelagic fisheries. 

“[However] the unfortunate consequence of this situation remaining unresolved and total catches continuing to be in excess of the ICES advice is that Young’s would cease sourcing from these fisheries.” 

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