Sustainability overtakes personal health as consumers biggest concern

Global sustainability has overtaken personal health as consumers’ biggest concern, research company Innova Market Insights has revealed. 

The research outlines how planetary health is now considered to be the most pressing issue. 

Therefore, consumers are more environmentally and ethically conscious than ever, which is influencing their purchasing decisions. 

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In terms of food choices, the top two actions toward sustainability consumers are taking are reducing food waste (43 per cent) and eating in moderation (32 per cent).

“One of the biggest shifts we are seeing is that the health of the planet is now the top concern of consumers,” Innova’s global insights director Lu Ann Williams said. 

“Personal health has been the big concern for the past few years, but consumers now tell us that this has been surpassed by global issues.

“Sustainability is no longer just a Wall Street issue. It might not be the top purchase driver for all consumers, but for many it clinches the deal when it comes to choosing between products.”

The news comes as around a third of businesses in the UK have an environmental sustainability policy, according to new research.

A survey, conducted by recycling group Suez and the British Chambers of Commerce, found that 64 per cent of around 1000 businesses surveyed said they had no such plan.

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