Waitrose becomes first supermarket to sign ‘historic’ UK Robust Potato Pledge

Waitrose has become the first supermarket to sign the ‘historic’ UK Robust Potato Pledge.  

According to the grocer, the pledge guarantees that its fresh organic potatoes will be better for biodiversity and resistant to harmful potato diseases by 2026. 

It said that its commitment to grow and sell resistant organic potatoes within the next five years will eliminate the requirement for “potentially harmful” copper fungicides. 

Waitrose is reportedly set to move away from using copper-based fungicides on its organic potato crop in order to help it tackle late blight Phytophthora.  

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The supermarket added that the exclusive growth of the robust crop will increase the sustainability of long-term potato cultivation. 

“With COP26 on the horizon we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our impact on nature and biodiversity,” Waitrose sustainability director Marija Rompani said. 

“This pledge is a great opportunity for us to help reduce our environmental impact through innovation and we hope that through this leadership, and the leadership of our producers, the rest of the industry will follow suit.” 

Soil Association horticultural advisor Hugh Blogg added: “Innovative breeding programmes have had huge success at establishing varieties that are blight resistant, while still providing all the qualities that makes potatoes a delicious choice for shoppers. 

“The backing of key retailers to stock these products is an exciting next step in the journey towards a more resilient and sustainable potato sector.” 

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