Waitrose announces ‘largest-ever’ vegan & vegetarian product launches

Waitrose has announced its largest-ever vegan and vegetarian product launches with the unveiling of its Plantlife and GoVeggie ranges.

Part of the grocers’ recently launched Holistic Living brand new ranges feature several ‘first to market’ supermarket products including Crispy No Beef with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Thai Style No Fish Cakes, No Chorizo Tortelloni and Mushroom Scallop Linguine.

According to Waitrose, all of its new products are designed to provide healthy and simple meals, snacks and treats for anyone looking to adopt a more holistic approach to their lifestyle.

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The move follows recent research from Veganuary, revealing that six months on from Veganuary 2021, 82 per cent of participants have maintained a “dramatic reduction in their animal product consumption”.

The Plantlife and GoVeggie ranges are available from today with more products coming in October 2021.

“We wanted to provide our customers with more choice when it came to incorporating a holistic approach to their meals,” Waitrose executive chef Martyn Lee said.

“Making “meat-free Monday” or a flexitarian lifestyle even easier, these new ranges have inspired us to be more innovative.

“For example, by using pulses, we’ve been able to recreate a white sauce for products in the new Plantlife range such as Moussaka and Potato Dauphinoise which rivals any bechamel sauce we’ve tried.”

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