Beyond Meat ranked world’s most googled vegan brand

Beyond Meat has become the most googled vegan brand in the world, achieving five million searches per year, according to new research.  

According to a new report by Maxima Kitchen Equipment, the plant-based meat imitation brand is currently pulling in over 422,000 searches each month, more than twice the amount of its closest competitor Oatly, which pulls in 200,000 monthly hits.  

The average number of searches for the 100 top brands is approximately 127,000 each month, the report states.  

Quorn comes in third position as the most searched-for brand and receives around 95,000 monthly searches. 

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Despite this, the Quorn brand is the most googled vegan producer in the UK, with 500,000 British customers looking up the meat-alternatives company each year.  

JUST Egg, Follow Your Heart, Allplants and HIPPEAS took the final top rankings, receiving around 94,000, 32,000, 29,000 and 18,000 searches per month respectively.  

A Maxima Kitchen Equipment spokesperson commented: “As vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets increase in popularity and become ever more mainstream, it’s fascinating to see which vegan brands are the most searched in the world. 

“The popularity of brands like Beyond Meat and Quorn shows our interest in plant-based meat, while the prevalence of Oatly and Alpro reflect the increasing demand for dairy alternatives.” 

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