The Bluebeard’s Revenge launches refillable shaving pouches

Grooming brand, the Bluebeard’s Revenge, has launched its new refillable shaving pouches in a bid to target sustainability-conscious customers.  

The company has released 500ml pouches which can refill its 150ml aluminium tins three times, or its pre-shave bottles five times each, cutting down on packaging waste by up to 70 per cent.  

The selection includes Brushless Shaving Solution, Post-Shave Balm, Shaving Cream and Pre-Shave Oil. 

The brand aims to reduce plastic waste among its products and uses 100 per cent recycled plastic for its bottles. 

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The refill pouches are designed for both professional barbers and home grooming and are widely recyclable.  

The news follows the company revealing around 46 per cent of the people in the UK feel guilty about their level of plastic consumption and 82 per cent actively work to reduce the amount of plastic they use. 

The Bluebeard’s Revenge digital marketing executive Lisa Drummond told Grocery Gazette: “This is a huge step in our mission to drastically reduce the amount of virgin plastic and single-use packaging we use by 2022. 

“With our whole shaving range now fully accessible in refill pouches this gives us the drive to continue throughout The Bluebeards Revenge range.” 

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