M&S comes out on top in Mojito taste test

Marks and Spencer’s pre-mixed mojito has beaten supermarket rivals and established brands in a Which? taste test.

Roughly a third of the 13 testers preferred the grocer’s mojito to a homemade version, praising its strong lime and mint flavours.

All but one said they would buy it again, despite it being the most expensive drink at £2.10 a can.

Asda’s £1 mojito took second place, with four saying they would buy it again and two preferring it to a homemade mojito.

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However, some claimed it was “too sweet” while one compared it to a peppermint mouthwash.

Aldi’s Old Hopking Mojito Cocktail, the joint-cheapest drink, received mixed reviews.

Two reviewers preferred it to a homemade mojito, but others criticised its “sweet” and “oddly gingery” flavour.

Although it is well-known as a rum brand, Bacardi’s £1.60 Mojito Rum Mixed Drink was broadly criticised.

Testers claimed its “chemical” taste was closer to boiled sweets than a cocktail.

Tesco’s 85p House of Cocktails Mojito was ranked bottom, lambasted as “lemony”, “gingery”, and “too sweet”.

“Our taste test shows when it comes to flavour and taste Marks and Spencer’s mojito can is miles better than the own-label and branded competition,” Which? product tester Matthew Knight said.

“For an affordable yet tasty mojito, people could also consider picking up an own-label can from Asda or Aldi rather than Barcadi’s premixed can, which tastes nothing like the real deal.”

Marks and Spencer’s mojito hit the headlines in 2019, when then-shadow home secretary Dianne Abbott apologised after drinking a can on the London Underground.

Consuming alcohol on the tube has been illegal since 2008.

The story’s viral attention led to Marks and Spencer selling out of mojito in a number of London stores, including in Abbott’s Hackney constituency.



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