Nestlé Waters expands efforts to regenerate local water cycles

Nestlé Waters has announced it will be expanding its current efforts to manage water sustainability and increase awareness to identify and support local solutions in collaboration with its partners.  

The program is working to regenerate natural water supplies at Nestlé’s facilities to ensure that more water is retained than removed by the company from the ecosystem’s reserves.  

The solutions are designed to regenerate the ecosystems in the areas around 48 of the company’s sites.  

The initiative comes as part of Nestlé’s 2017 commitment to certify all of its Waters sites by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) by 2025.  

Nestlé added that it also uses its expertise to advance the regeneration of local water cycles through the implementation of more than 100 projects.  

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The initiatives include land conservation and natural flood management at the Buxton site in Derbyshire, the development of infrastructure for the water supply in Benha, Egypt for Nestlé Pure Life and renaturation and river restoration projects in Vosges, France for Vittel.  

The investment is set to cost Nestlé $130 million in total.  

“Today, we are accelerating our journey to support the regeneration of local water cycles and are challenging ourselves to take bold new steps,” Water Business head Muriel Lienau said.  

“We want to play an active role in helping to conserve water resources everywhere we operate. To do we, we will work with many partners to develop tailored projects that help find local solutions.” 

Nestlé waters head of sustainability Cedric Egger added: “As a business with a long heritage of nature protection and water stewardship, we want to go beyond the conservation of water sources to help regenerate and restore water cycles in the areas where we operate.” 

“We know the water challenge is global, but it can only be tackled through local solutions. Now is the time to expand the scope of our actions. 

“With Nestlé’s presence around the world, we can learn from our many partners and contribute to solving the water challenges in the locations near our operations.” 



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