JJ Foodservice targets female drivers in new recruitment initiative

JJ Foodservice are hiring more women in a push to fight the shortfall of drivers as a result of the triple blow of Brexit, Covid-19 restrictions and self-employment tax reforms.

The wholesaler is offering salaried positions for as much as £35,000 per year, along with the incentive of no weekend or evening shifts.

Currently, only one per cent of HGV drivers in the UK are female.

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The company said it is hopeful that this campaign will bring more women into the industry.

“Our drivers work Monday to Friday, which makes the job suitable for people who have commitments at home,” JJ Foodservice human resources manager Joanna Florczak said.

“With no night shifts, no weekend work and permanent contracts available, we are keen to attract more people to consider driver careers with us.”

Drivers are being recruited across all 11 branches within the UK.

The hiring surge is to accommodate the 22 per cent customer increase, which has bolstered sales for the wholesaler by 1.3 per cent despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the industry.

“With outdoor hospitality opening on April 12 and indoor venues opening from May 17 we anticipate a surge in demand,” JJ Foodservice head of operations Kaan Hendekli said.

“Having taken on 22 per cent more customers last year – we want to make sure we are ready to respond.”

Logistics UK policy manager Alex Veitch added: “Britain has had a chronic driver shortage for many years, but the problem is now acute. In 10 years of campaigning on this issue we have never seen members as concerned as they are now.”



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