Tesco to sell seedless lemons

Tesco has become the first major UK supermarket to trial seedless lemons in its selection of fresh produce.

The Big 4 grocer had previously trialled the initiative in the UK years prior, but the move did not take off due to the lack of consistent supply.

According to the grocer, it has managed to grow seedless lemons in Spain and South Africa, which is due to be stocked in all branches all year round.

The lemons are supplied to Tesco by Peterborough-based fruit suppliers ATM Fruit, which has worked with the supermarket for over two decades.

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“At last, now customers will no longer have to spend extra time picking out the pips after squeezing lemon on a wonderful meal or drink,” Tesco citrus buyer Emily Ridge said.

“Seedless lemons were first trialled about 15 years ago but unfortunately until now they could never be guaranteed to be completely pip free.”

“This new variety has been growing and maturing for many years and now is finally ready to hit supermarket shelves.”

The new Jaffa Seedless Lemons will be available from all 320 Tesco sites across the UK and will retail at £1.50 per pack.



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