Uber Eats couriers to pick orders in supermarkets

Uber Eats couriers will start to pick orders in supermarkets in a first in Europe for a delivery platform, as it looks to make the grocery shopping experience “effortless”.

With ‘courier pick and pack’, customers’ orders will be matched with an Uber Eats driver who – after accepting – is directed to the store where an app will guide them to find the right items.

It will suggest replacements if an item is out-of-stock, communicate with the customer, and check out using a pre-authorised payment method before delivering the items.

The couriers will also be given the exact aisle and shelf location of the items that they’re supposed to be picking to get around much faster under the firm’s new ‘aisle indexing’ feature.

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Alongside this, Uber Eats is introducing smart item verification, which notifies a courier if the wrong item has been selected and shows them what they need to look for to get the right product.

Couriers will also be provided with information and tips on any problems they might encounter, such as for an out of stock item or how to properly scan a barcode.

The final feature, active order adjustments, will allow shoppers to easily edit their orders after they have been placed, until the courier checks out at the store.

Uber global head of grocery and retailer Susan Anderson said: “It’s very clear that grocery shopping trends have fundamentally changed. Our busy lifestyles mean we physically go to the supermarket for a big shop less frequently and prefer to rely more on apps like Uber Eats to order fresh grocery ingredients when we want them.

“In the UK, the trend is fascinating in the way it reflects people’s desire to eat healthily – and their increasing familiarity with using our tech to make their lives easier. We’ve become a global leader in the field, and is the reason why we are launching new products like courier pick and pack, which we believe will change the way that people shop for groceries.”

Alongside the new features, Uber is also set to launch a range of additional new products designed to help increase order accuracy and reliability for consumers.



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  • The last thing I want is somebody else doing my shopping, especially a complete stranger. No thanks!

  • Supermarkets would then be “outsourcing” labour and cutting their staff hours and less control in how the orders are managed.


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