Kellogg’s factory closure plans put 360 jobs at risk


Hundreds of UK jobs are at risk after Kellogg’s revealed proposals to close one of its main factories.

Located in Trafford Park, Greater Manchester, Kellogg’s is thought to be considering ending production at the plant as early as the end of 2026.

Kellogg’s, which makes popular cereal products such as Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and Coco Pops, said the decision was made after the company concluded it could not see a “long-term future” for the facility.

UK managing director Chris Silcock said: “We know generations of families have worked at our Trafford Park site, and the proposal we are announcing today has nothing to do with the dedication of the outstanding people who work there.

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“However, we can’t escape the fact the site opened in 1938. It’s laid out in a way that made sense in the 1930s, with food travelling up and down six floors to be made.

“With changes in industrial design and technology, you just wouldn’t lay out a factory like that nowadays.”

“What’s more we only use half the space in the buildings and the investment required to maintain the factory in the coming years is simply not viable. That’s why we can’t currently see a long-term future for our Trafford Park factory.

Silcock acknowledged that the news may be “difficulty for many to hear” and added that the company now wanted to “focus on our people”.

The food manufacturing company has started a consultation with the 360 Kellogg’s workers potentially affected.

“We will take the necessary time to discuss our proposals with our people and their representatives and show them how we will support them in the right way should this change happen,” said Silcock.



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