Fairtrade warns bananas, coffee and cocoa at risk of becoming ‘endangered’

The Fairtrade Foundation has warned that everyday essentials including bananas, coffee and cocoa could be at risk of becoming ‘endangered’ due to climate change.

The charity’s latest report has found that supply chains for these products originate from countries that are vulnerable to threats caused by climate change, deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Over 350,000 tonnes of cocoa imported to the UK each year originates from countries where production faces risks, along with 24% of the UK’s total land footprint for annual coffee imports and 48% of UK banana imports.

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This comes as significant sections of the British public believe that climate change will affect their weekly shop, as 33% thought availability would be affected and 41% were worried about price changes.

Despite this, only 38% have made active changes, 23% are not sure how to help and only 16% check the country of origin on all the products they purchase.

“It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, because it may not be on our shelves forever,” Fairtade Foundation CEO, Mike Gidney said.

“Today, climate breakdown is making it harder and harder to grow food crops, making our food security ever more vulnerable. There is a risk that farmers will have to stop farming.

“In some worst-case scenarios, certain varieties of the foods they grow for UK consumption could become luxury items. That’s why it’s important that farmers and workers receive a fair price that will enable them to invest in transitioning to sustainable and climate resilient ways of production.”

He added that consumers can do this by “choosing Fairtrade.”

“Sustainability doesn’t have to cost the earth. Whatever your budget and wherever you shop, when you choose Fairtrade you support farmers to take care of the environment.”



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