Tesco cancels thousands of online orders after being hit with nationwide IT malfunction

Tesco has cancelled thousands of online delivery orders after being hit with a nationwide IT malfunction.

The UK’s largest retailer have offered alternative slots to affected customers, saying that it was forced to cancel “a large number of orders” following an “intermittent technical issue”.

However, many shoppers complained they were unable to get a new delivery slot within 24 hours of their original time, and are experiencing long delays for refunds of up to five working days.

A Tesco spokesman said: “Due to an intermittent technical issue, we’ve had to cancel some orders today. We’re really sorry about this and are working hard to notify customers who are affected.”

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As a result, Tesco has faced the wrath of thousands of families online after the technical hitch left them without food.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “All the people are going to panic buy and half my shopping will be missing from my Tesco delivery tomorrow, I just know it.”

Another replied: “@Tesco not impressed. Order cancelled today. No call or text. Arrived home and sat around waiting for the delivery. No slots available until the weekend for another delivery. Off to @Sainsburys cheers.”

Food prices is another thing Brits have expressed frustration about, with food inflation sitting at a record high of 17.1% according to recent Kantar analysis.

In response, several supermarkets have announced price locks on a large number of products, like Tesco locking the prices on over a thousand own-brand and branded items until Easter, Iceland’s £1 price on 600 frozen products, and M&S’ pledge to keep over 100 items price-locked until April 9.



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  • Russ Mathews
    March 8, 2023 8:00 pm

    Absolutely appalling that Tesco cannot refund payments of cancelled orders immediately considering they must know whose been affected.

  • Nothing new Tesco delivered my orders OK for 3 years then about November 2022 started cancelling my orders say security problem contact bank.
    Bank said no problem on my account if there was your cards would not be accepted by other suppliers despite adding another card from different bank and a credit card still cancelled orders although local tesco accepted my card.
    Yea we’ll cancel your order

  • Tesco cancelled our order no warning or any compensation for the stress and inconvenience they caused us and the extra money we had to spend as we didn’t have time to go round get the items we needed. Then there no slots available until Friday. They just don’t care about there customers. We have a young family and inconvenience they caused us and we been Tesco customers for years.

  • Bill Youlton
    August 3, 2023 1:36 pm

    I’ve been trying to book a Tesco delivery slot since 31st July 2023. Every evening at midnight when the next day is added to their calendar I get a message ‘no slots available try another date’ How can every slot for that day be immediately booked up? It’s a joke, especially as I’ve paid for Delivery Saver till October. Customer Services no help at all.

  • Janet Underhay
    September 2, 2023 8:58 am

    Me too, since around the same time. I’ve cancelled my delivery saver which expired a couple of weeks ago. Tesco don’t seem to accept that there is a problem and just tell me to ‘keep trying’. The only way I can talk to them is via Messenger chat. They’ve eventuall sent me a £10 goodwill voucher but I can’t use it as I still can’t book a slot.

  • Tesco Bognor Regis is constantly flooding and delivery orders are cancelled at short notice. Why did Tesco build where they knew of flooding, and why can’t you chose where to have your delivery from. My nearest Tesco Extra is 3 miles away. Bognor is nealry 10, but Tesco enforce delivery from Bognor with no customer choice. Now forced me to take my business elsewhere


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