Iceland challenges shoppers to switch off ovens as energy bills soar

Iceland is challenging shoppers to turn off their ovens for a week as part of ‘The Big Cooker Switch Off Challenge’ in a bid to encourage them to use appliances that are more energy-efficient.

Beginning on Monday 31 October, the challenge will see participants using air fryers, microwaves and slow cookers, which can save households up to £426 each year according to data from the frozen food retailer and energy provider, Utilita.

This comes as new research by Iceland found that 53% of Brits plan to reduce the amount of hot dinners they eat or cut them out completely, while 27% feel they have no other choice than to sacrifice hot meals to save on energy bills.

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The figure rises to 40% for those in the lowest income group of £15,000, with 65% of people in this income bracket feeling ‘very concerned’ in comparison to 39% of Brits earning £65,000.

“Choosing between heating and eating shouldn’t be a decision anyone ever has to make, we must do what we can to save hot dinners,” Iceland Foods managing director, Richard Walker said.

“This is why we are asking our customers to join us in The Big Cooker Switch Off Challenge, so they can see just how easy it is to solely use appliances that are going to save them money. It’s going to be these small changes that could mean having a regular hot meal this winter.”

This comes as air fryer sales have skyrocketed, with Walker tweeting last week that Iceland would need to stock up on its orders of the cooking appliance as the retailer “had 20,000 and will have sold out within days.”



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  • Leslie Clive Bedford
    October 21, 2022 12:55 pm

    Challenge excepted.My oven and hub are both turned off.Since I moved into my house on 15 October 2015.Don’t use either.Prefer to use my microwave.To microwave my meals.My microwave sits on the top of my hub with a heat resistant glass plate.Underneath.


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