Depop founder aims to fix ‘broken’ food industry with marketplace launch

Depop founder Simon Beckerman has launched a new online food marketplace named Delli, which aims to provide solutions to many of the problems currently facing the food industry.

Delli is described as the latest innovation in community-focused food and beverage and has so far raised over £6.3 million in funding.

According to Business Cloud, the funding was co-led by Balderton and HV Capital, original investors in fashion marketplace Depop, which was acquired by US giant Etsy last year.

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The food app was created by Beckerman after he spotted a shift in behaviour and trends within the world of food.

Marie Petrovicka, former VP of markets at Depop, joined him as co-founder and COO earlier this year.

Delli says it wants to inspire the next generation to express themselves with food and be seen at the forefront of side hustles, supporting young people in finding new ways to experiment with food and showcase their creativity.

Using the ‘drop’ model seen in fashion to sell products – where a limited amount of a new product is released at a set time – this mechanic helps build excitement around each product but also combats obstacles small producers can face like managing food waste, cash and ingredient flow.

It says that by supporting the small producers of the world, Delli aims to transform the ‘broken’ food industry.

“Delli’s success over the year, from the 200 makers already signed up to the app to units sold, highlights that there is space in the market for Delli and a consumer desire for its service,” Beckerman said.

“We are excited to be backing Delli, and to be working again with Simon and Marie,” partner at Balderton Capital, Daniel Waterhouse said.

He added: “Simon has an extraordinary flair for spotting emerging trends and building markets and communities around them.

“Marie is an operator extraordinaire, making them a formidable founding team. Delli democratises food production and brings diversity of choice of local produce to consumers. We are looking forward to the journey ahead.”

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