Sainsbury’s launches own-brand refillable handwash pouch

Sainsbury’s has announced the launch of its own-brand one litre refillable handwash pouch in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

The pouches are made with 85% less plastic and hope to help customers reduce the amount of plastic waste in their homes by reusing their handwash bottle.

Available online and in-store, the pouches are estimated to save a total of 28 tonnes of plastic annually and are 35% lower in costs compared to equivalent bottles.

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Once emptied into bottles, customers can return the pouches to be recycled at Sainsbury’s front-of-store flexible plastics recycling points.

The move comes part of the Big 4 grocer’s sustainable commitments to have its own brand plastic packaging by 2025.

On top of this, Sainsbury’s has also swapped the plastic bag from its Fairtrade bananas to a paper band which will reportedly remove 25 million single-use plastic bags.

From July, the retailer will also be switching its double strength squash bottles to quadruple strength squash bottles which will save around 177 tonnes of plastic.

Earlier this month, M&S also launched a trial of refillable own-brand cleaning and laundry products, as part of its pledge to reduce and remove plastic packaging, as well as offering customers more sustainable options.

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