Chocolate is the UK’s most complained about ‘shrinkflation’ product

Chocolate is the most complained about ‘shrinkflation’ product in the UK, according to shopping experts at britsuperstore.

Shrinkflation in FMCG products has emerged over the last few months as brands look for ways to combat soaring inflation that has led to rising production costs in ingredients, energy and packaging.

The company reviewed nearly 600 comments from Money Saving Expert’s “The Great ‘shrinking food and other items’ Hunt” forum.

The study showed that chocolate is the most complained about supermarket product in regards to reduction in size, overall quality, and increase in price, with 25% of reviews by UK shoppers referencing this product in a negative light.

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After chocolate, the most complained about shrinkflation products are dairy, meat and poultry and crisps with 9.38%, 6.12% and 4.89% respectively.

Additionally, the most complained about shrinkflation brand is Cadbury’s chocolate at 57%, followed by Mcvities Biscuits and McCoys Crisps at 46.15% and 37.5% respectively.

Finally, the most complained about supermarket in terms of shrinkflation is Tesco, with 29.66% of reviews by UK shoppers referencing the Big 4 grocer in a negative light.

The supermarket with the least amount of negative reviews was Ocado at 2.54%, narrowly beating out both Co-op and Lidl at 2.54% and 5.93% respectively.

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