Nescafe Azera reduced by 10% due to shrinkflation


Shrinkflation has emerged in other household goods such Nescafe Azera, where quantities have been quietly reduced but sold at the same price as before.

The increased sightings in smaller packaged foods comes after Cadbury’s came under fire for shrinking the size of its Dairy Milk sharing bars by 10% from 200g to 180g.

The chocolate brand’s parent company Mondelez explained that soaring inflation had contributed to rising production costs in ingredients, energy and packaging.

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Similarly, coffee product Nescafe Azera tin was reduced by 10% by 10g, but retailing at the same price as before for £6.

“Like every manufacturer, we are experiencing significant increases in the cost of raw materials, energy, packaging and transportation,” a Nestle spokesperson said.

“We are doing everything we can to manage these costs in the short-term, but in order to maintain the highest standards of quality, it is sometimes necessary to make minor adjustments to the weights of our products. Final pricing is always at the discretion of individual retailers.”

Shrinkflation has seen other goods reduced over the years with Jaffa cakes falling from 12 to 10 cakes in a box and Walkers’ multipacks containing more crisp packets, larger cereal boxes and smaller gaps between Toblerone peaks.

Aldi shoppers have also been subjected to shrinkflation with own-brand Mamia baby wipes decreasing from 64 to 60 wipes in a pack.

However, the discount retailer asserted it was due to the firm moving to biodegradable wipes.

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