Maltesers launches Maternal Mental Health campaign

Maltesers has launched a new social media campaign for Maternal Mental Health Month that features the challenges that mums face when returning to work after maternity leave.

For the campaign, Mars Wrigley owned brand teamed up with both Channel 4 and Buzzfeed to provider a wider platform for mums returning to work to share their stories and normalise the challenges, emotions and experiences that come along with it.

The advertisement also comes part of other campaigns created last year that were also in partnership with the charity Comic Relief. Previous campaigns included #TheMassiveOvershare, #LoveBeatsLikes and #TheMaternityReturn.

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“We are excited to have continued our partnerships with Channel 4 and Buzzfeed, Inc . As ever for Maltesers, we look to always highlight the light and the dark through humour, whilst addressing the tricky and taboo subjects that are often overlooked,” Maltesers brand director Leah Dyckes said.

“Through engaging content as part of Channel 4’s Late Night Feed series and authentic, thought-provoking content produced by Buzzfeed, we hope to have demonstrated that the return to work can often be overwhelming and a real struggle for many mums but that there is always help and support available.”

To build on the brand’s humorous identity, Late Night Feed: The Return to Work, a comedy special, was created with Channel 4.

The partnership between the chocolate brand and broadcaster hopes to offer “comfort, community and laughter” to mums returning to work in the UK.

As a result, the film from 4Studio will be available across Channel 4’s YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels.

The collaboration with BuzzFeed offered a roundtable discussion. which came up with a series of guidelines and tips for women returning to work after taking maternity leave.

BuzzFeed’s commercial director for Europe Caroline Fenner added: “A team of women worked on this campaign and we are so pleased to see it live.”

“It was a natural fit with multiple brands from our portfolio and will really hit home with our audiences across both HuffPost and BuzzFeed – who love authentic content that makes them think. I am excited for our team to launch more campaigns like this across multiple of our properties.”

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