Tesco drops items from Price Match campaign to raise prices above Aldi

Tesco has been removing own-brand products from its Aldi Price Match campaign in a bid to raise prices, analysis for The Grocer has revealed.

Since the end of March, around 18 lines of the Big 4 grocer’s own labels have fallen out of its campaign.

Included in the dropped items are Tesco’s chilled dips, previously matched at 79p but now priced at £1.20. Even with a clubcard the dips are £2 for two.

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Tesco’s Stockwell & Co strawberry jam which was matched with Aldi’s at 28p on 20 April has also bounced back up to 31p. Similarly, its marmalade has increased from 27p to 30p.

According to analysis by IPLC partner Paul Stainton, six-packs of Tesco pitta bread have dropped from the campaign and have increased in price from 35p to 45p.

Other products that have seen price hikes are Tesco’s Eastman’s corned beef, lines of pizza, cherry bakewells and naan bread.

Another pattern worth noting is how Aldi continues to raise the price of some matched products before Tesco follows suit – partly due to the rise in cost of production.

“We know that now, more than ever, customers want great value when they do their food shop,” said a Tesco spokesman.

“That’s why we are committed to providing great value for our customers, whether it’s promising low everyday prices on 1,600 staples, price-matching 650 basics to Aldi prices, or offering exclusive deals and rewards through Clubcard prices.”

An Aldi spokesman added: “Aldi is the UK’s cheapest supermarket and will continue to offer the lowest grocery prices in Britain. The most recent Grocer 33 basket comparison found that Tesco was 16% more expensive than Aldi and our customers know that those differences add up to big savings every time they shop with us.

“While the prices of certain products will change from time to time, our customers will always pay less at Aldi than other supermarkets.”

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