Retail Gazette’s newest launch is ‘beating the drum’ for the UK’s marketing sector

Marketing is more important than ever. With consumers choosing products, brands and services not just based on price but on sentiment, affinity and their ethical credentials, its key for marketers to get it right or miss out on a completely new and dynamic consumer.

The grocery sector has been acutely impacted by this change, with customers changing shops and products more frequently than ever before. From supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s to FMCG brands including Nestle, Unilever, Mondelez and more, £billions are being spent to retain customer loyalty in a treacherous marketplace.

The latest addition to the Retail Gazette family, Marketing Beat is an independent online news publication, providing the latest and most important marketing news, trends, opinion and insight.

With a free daily newsletter delivering high-quality, independent content from across the rapidly evolving sector, Marketing Beat will be ‘beating the drum’ for UK marketing professionals.

Catering to both business professionals and marketing-savvy members of the public, Marketing Beat delivers dynamic, engaging and neutral coverage, directly to readers’ inboxes.

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“Marketing is an essential part of every business and the grocery trade is no different,” said Marketing Beat editor Jacqui Parr.

“We know that people are busier than ever and want fast, accurate news delivered straight to them with no fuss. So that’s what we’re doing; and in doing so we’re beating the drum for the whole of the UK’s marketing sector.”

Marketing Beat brings its readers daily news and features from right across the sector and grocery marketing news is a key part of that.

The site includes everything from Tesco’s latest ad disasters to FMCG brand campaigns and the creative behind them to what’s happening behind closed doors at the UK’s largest marketing and creative companies.

Marketing Beat is free to access and always will be. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn and please get in touch to let us know what you think.

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