Lidl named UK’s cheapest supermarket for the fourth month in a row

Discount grocer Lidl has been named the cheapest supermarket for the fourth month in a row consumer experts Which? has revealed.

Lidl beat discounter rival Aldi by just 74p for 18 items of groceries, with a basket price of just £25.92, compared to Aldi’s £26.66.

According to the research by Which?, Asda was the cheapest of the Big 4 grocers, with an average basket costing £28.46.

Big 4 rival Sainsbury’s followed Asda, with the same basket of groceries costing £2.27 more taking the total to £30.73.

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In March, Ocado was the second most expensive supermarket with average price of £31.24, however, in April, the online grocer beat Tesco, with an average price of £30.75 compared to Tesco’s £31.01.

Morrisons‘ basket came in at £31.19, with the same basket of groceries was nearly £19 more expensive at premium supermarket Waitrose, which was also named the most expensive supermarket last month.

“With household bills and food prices going up, it’s no surprise that budget supermarkets have seen an increase in footfall recently and we’ve found you can buy many of the same groceries for a much better price than at one of the Big 4 supermarkets,” Which? Money expert Reena Sewraz said.

“As well as shopping around, our advice to save on your food shop is to stick to a budget, have a list of what you need and reach for the value ranges to help your money stretch further.”

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  • Well I never, who would have thought it! A discounter the cheapest as they have been for the last 30 years.

  • While prices can be matched It’s own brand quality can’t be matched against other supermarkets it’s cheaper not just because of its operating model but also the food is lower quality. I went to one of their stores for the first time a week ago and while the food isn’t bad I can taste and the ingredients it’s not as good. I bought a can of coconut milk, cheaper yes but then it has half the coconut and more water than Sainsbury’s version that’s why it’s cheap. Same with chocolate milkshake it’s watery compared to M&S which is only a little more expensive but massively better.


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