Asda holds onto title of ‘most affordable supermarket’ for a full year

Asda has managed to hold onto the title of UK’s most affordable supermarket title for a full year, after latest research from online price-tracking website Alertr, which put it at the top of the table for the 12th month in a row.

According to the latest data, the ‘average shopping basket’ at the Big 4 grocer totalled £113.72 (£1.04 more than last month).

Fellow Big 4 grocer, Sainsbury’s was ranked second on the list, ending Morrisons one-month spell as runner-up, with a current average basket cost of £115.51 (just £1.69 more expensive than Asda).

The online price-tracking website has been tracking the prices of 42 everyday items from the shopping basket on the Office for National Statistics’ Consumer Price Index (CPI) since 2019.

Morrisons average spend came to £116.87 (a month-on-month drop of 62p), followed by Tesco, which reported an average basket spend of £118 (up by £1.13).

Ocado and Waitrose finished the list, being named the most expensive supermarket in the UK.

Ocado’s average basket spend was £1.08 higher than last month, taking its total to £128. However, Waitrose’s final spend came to £130.61 (60p more than last month).

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“For the weekly shop, as it stands currently, there’s still a stark difference between the top and bottom spots on the leader board of almost £17,” Alertr co-founder Andy Barr said.

“However, as we’ve seen since the start of 2022, there is much less disparity across the rest of the board, especially between the top three supermarkets – Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

Barr went on to reveal that Morrisons had a promising start to March, as the overall cheapest supermarket for the first two weeks of analysis, before slipping behind Sainsbury’s and Asda, who both lowered their prices at the end of the month.

A “marginal difference” of just 23p between Sainsbury’s and Morrisons saw Tesco – which was £2.26 more expensive – drop to fourth place.

Barr added: “The next few months will certainly be telling in terms of how all six supermarkets react to the battle for the tops spots on the leader board and whether this continues to rotate or stabilise, especially with a summer of consumer spending on the horizon.”

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