‘Why won’t they pay workers properly?’ GMB union slams Asda boss

Trade union GMB has responded to comments made by Asda chairman Lord Stuart Rose, who earlier this week slammed the government for a ‘tin-eared and slow’ response to the UK’s cost of living crises.

The union stands by Lord Rose’s comments however it criticised the Big 4 grocer for thinking “poverty pay in Asda stores is fair”.

“I’m glad that Lord Rose recognises the impact of the cost of living crisis on working people – but it makes me wonder why he thinks poverty pay in Asda stores is fair,” GMB’s national officer for Asda Nadine Houghton.

“Asda has offered its retail workers a real-terms pay cut. As inflation is rampant, and household bills go through the roof, its workers cannot afford to shop in their stores.”

Houghton added: “He needs to look closer to home on ways to help with the crisis facing working people.

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“Asda needs to step up and pay their workers properly.”

The news comes after Lord Rose said the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, should put together a new package to ease the soaring costs households are facing.

Lord Rose said to GB News: “I think the government has been fairly slow to recognise some of the problems many people are facing.

“They’ve been slightly tin-eared and slow in putting some actions in place to put in place policies in response.

“I would do something as a short term package to help people. It’s a tough one but I would also be saying to people who are doing well that it’s time for you to put your hand in your pocket.”

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  • How can lord Rose possibly comment on government policy ,Trying to pass culpability to spread tax equality across all divides is admirable.Perhaps he should lead the way in lowering Asda profit margins to provide a reasonable standard of living for his considered working class staff ,who happen to be the foundation of the Asda business


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